ARY Laguna Balloting

ary laguna balloting

ARY Laguna Balloting Date

The First balloting date of ARY Laguna Karachi was Wednesday 9th June 2021, If you’d purchased ARY Laguna forms then you’re enrolled in the general balloting of ARY Laguna, Balloting process of ARY Laguna will end after three ballotings.

ARY Laguna Second Balloting date

The ARY Laguna 2nd Balloting date was 26 July 2021, please keep visiting SaibanProperties for balloting results as balloting will end after 3 successful ballotings of ARY Laguna.

ARY Laguna third Balloting Date

After 2nd successful balloting of Laguna forms, the third balloting date is expected from ARY Laguna but most of the people who’re enrolled in general balloting are now receiving messages from the Laguna Head office about their unit confirmation.

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