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ARY Laguna DHA City Karachi


Life at Laguna

ARY Laguna DHA City, Karachi will be the first to give families a chance to live luxury life with world class amenities and Enjoy beach views at their door step.

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Pay in 5 years of easy installment plan and your payment will be sent directly to Developers Escrow Accounts.

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Authorized dealers of DHA City Karachi to deal in ARY Laguna Projects, Get Details, Book your unit, installment & Payment plan with transfer fees and process.

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ARY Laguna Karachi

House of ARY & DHA City presents first ever man-made beach living with ARY Laguna DHA City, Karachi. ARY and DHA City are well-known for their contributions to the urbanization of Pakistan and thus have amalgamated their resources to build a waterside community never before seen in the country or the region.


ARY Laguna, DHA, and Crystal Lagoons bring affordable luxury living in your city with access to world-class amenities and business opportunities, where you can envision a secure and healthy future with your family and transform any location into an idyllic beach paradise.

Construction & News Updates

Construction of ARY Laguna DHA City Karachi is at Full Swing, Development videos are available, to watch ARY Laguna Construction updates videos please click below button and know more about the development work of ARY Laguna in DHA City Karachi.


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ARY Laguna News and Updates are shared at this blog section, Get ARY Laguna Forms Booking, Prices, Payment Plan, Construction Updates and more news.

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9 G/F Defence Commercial Plaza, Y Block, DHA Phase 3 Lahore, Punjab Pakistan 54810